Rye House

Rye House is a restaurant in central Hong Kong, serving typical Nordic food and delights.
LL Communication helped Ryehouse with a new design concept. LL Communication also designed and developed a website, menus, flyers, signs, christmas campaigns etc.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong was established in 1986. They promote Swedish business and are a dynamic plattform for Swedish companies in Hong Kong. Morning seminars, CEO lunches and after work mingles are held on a regular basis, featuring renowned speakers and top officials.
LL Communication helped Swedcham build a whole new website. Not only a brand new design, the new web is also migrated with an extern plattform for event booking and members directory.


Flexworks Limited is a one-stop electronics product development and manufacturing company offering a full range of services from initial feasibility studies to full mass production and product maintenance. Flexworks have offices in Hong Kong, Stockholm and China.

LL Communication helped Flexworks create an attractive website to short and consist for customers and attractive for potential new recruits. The content is short and intelligible. The design, with its technical but kind of arty photographs, is clean and distinct.

JR Style and Accessoaries

Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories is a luxury sustainable fashion brand based in Hong Kong created in 2018 by the Swedish stylist Jenny Ragnwaldh. Jenny designs unique fabric bags and beautiful accessories with a luxury feel, made from second hand- vintage clothes and high quality fabric leftovers which are handmade locally in Hong Kong.

LL Communication has design the logo, visual guidlines, websites and marketing material for JR. Please check out the webpages: and

Me & Berg webshop

ME&BERG is a Hong Kong-based company, designing and selling cashmere products. They are importing high quality cashmere from Mongolia and produce timeless and comfortable products such as scarfs, ponchos, blankets etc. You will find them at pop-up stores all around Hong Kong.
LL Communication have designed and produced a webshop for ME&BERG. Check it out at