A design and communication agency based in Singapore and Hong Kong.


A committed partner 

LL Communications is not a huge, sassy agency at an expensive address. This is the agency you work with if you want to have a committed partner who focus on really trying to understand your product and target audience. The result is always a reflection of understanding the problem to solve. Based in both Singapore and Hong Kong, the two main hubs of Asia.


Where ever its brand positioning or social media strategy we can be your partner. SWOT and competition analysis.


Corporate branding such as logo design, visual design and guidelines. Always including analys and briefing.

Print Design

Posters, magazines, brochures, with 25 years of experience print design is one of our biggest strengths. And passion.

Web design

Attractive and purpose build web design. For your business, your shop or your amazing brand.

UX Design

One of the most important part of the design is the user experience. We deliver UX strategy, wire frames and naming etc.

Fine Art Production

A good idea has to have a excellent finishing. We can do production such as delivery for print, proofing and typographic fine art.


A Creative & Production Studio

Let's Work Together