Branding with Merch

Give-aways for The Swedish Consulate in Hong Kong to treat guest visiting the consulate. A cross-over design inspired by Swedish crafts. The collection includes Tote Bag, Umbrella, Tags for zippers, Note Book, Face Masks and folder.

A Taste of Sweden

The Taste of Sweden was a campaign made by The Swedish Consulate in Hong Kong. The goal was to attract Hongkongers to Swedish Food outlets during the fall of 2020. But at the same time marketing Swedish food brands and Swedish food culture. The campaign was a success and spread through social media, local newspapers etc.

The Green Platters

The Green Platters is a fresh, healthy and delicious catering service in Hong Kong. The Green Platters offers grazing tables and plates. Styled in lavish displays and using premium organic fresh produce, artisan cheeses and delicious morsels. They have been written about in Expats Living, Sassy Hong Kong, Little Steps, The Hk Hub, Honeycombers etc. And also gotten Readers Choice awards both 2019 and 2020 in Expats Living in Hong Kong.

LL Communication has made the logotype, the Visual Design and Brand Concept.

Rye House

Rye House is a restaurant in central Hong Kong, serving typical Nordic food and delights.
LL Communication helped Ryehouse with a new design concept. LL Communication also designed and developed a website, menus, flyers, signs, christmas campaigns etc.

EuroAsia Business Partner

Euroasia Business Partner is a leading business partner with focus on European companies in Asia or Asia-based companies in Europe.

LL Communication designed the logotype, the visual guidelines and the web site. The design is clean and should attract both Asian and European companies.

Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong

Swedish Winter was an event hosted by the Swedish Consulate of Sweden during december 2019 in Hong Kong. The event included activities such as Seminars, Lucia traditional event, School Visits and a final 3 days event held at Tsim She Tsui outside Hong Kong Cultural Center. A event for families and children where you could meet Santa, eat Swedish Christmas food, try Ice hockey and do your own christmas ornament.
LL Communication did the branding of the whole event, including logotype, illustrations, print, signs, animation and ads.


SverigeShoppen is selling imported Swedish food products in Hong Kong. They have a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui as well as a webshop.
LL Communication created an identity for Sverigeshoppen including a new logotype and a social strategy plan. The work is ongoing with web designs, newsletters, ads etc.

Conscious & Indulgence

Conscious & Indulgence is a subbrand from Sweet Secrets. A Hong Kong-based company offering bespoke cakes and cookies baked with healthy and quality ingredients. Also with a large assortment of a vegan alternative. LL Communication did the design of the whole sub-brand including packaging design, logotype, and visual concept.

SwedCham 30 years Anniversary

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong was established in 1986 and has since focused on creating business opportunities for Swedish and Swedish-related businesses in Hong Kong.

LL Communications created the identity for their 30 years anniversary. An event held at the Studio City in Macau, November 2016 with the Swedish Musician Måns Zelmerlöf.
Included in the identity work was also a brochure, a short film, ads, back drops etc.

JR Style and Accessoaries

Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories is a luxury sustainable fashion brand based in Hong Kong created in 2018 by the Swedish stylist Jenny Ragnwaldh. Jenny designs unique fabric bags and beautiful accessories with a luxury feel, made from second hand- vintage clothes and high quality fabric leftovers which are handmade locally in Hong Kong.

LL Communication has design the logo, visual guidlines, websites and marketing material for JR. Please check out the webpages: and